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Welcome to Jo's Zoo, the site for reptile lovers......and others.
    purple lizzard
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purple lizzard    

Hi, my name's Jo. My addiction to reptiles started with my boyfriend agreeing that I could get a Corn Snake. Now I have over 60 Crested Geckos, 7 Gargoyle Geckos,  4 Leopard Geckos, 3 Golden Tailed Geckos, 1 Eurydactylodes Agricolae, 1 Eurydactylodes Vieillardi, Various Praying Mantis, 1 Tarantula and lots of Stick Insects. All I'm missing is a partridge in a pear tree, lol. I've been keeping reptiles for many years and breeding cresties for over 4 years.

I've had tables at Kempton Park, PRAS and the ERAC reptile shows; where I have sold cresties (and bought lots more.. lol ). I have lots of crestie eggs cooking ready for this years Kempton Park reptile show which is on Sunday 17th August 2014, where I have a table booked.

Hope to see you there supporting the reptile fraternity.

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